Death Cafe Wellington: Taking Death Out of the Closet & the Fear Out of Death

Presented by Sophia Tara
Death Cafe Wellington is the 1st ever in the region, and only the 2nd ever to be held in NZ.  We talk about death and life and celebrate the Art of Living and Dying in compassionate community.

When:Sunday 26 October 3pm-5pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Cost: $10 for venue costs and refreshments

We launched the 1st ever Death Cafe in Wellington on 30 March 2014 and the 1st Public Death Cafe ever to be held in NZ.

WE MEET at Friends House Quaker Centre, 7 Moncrieff Street, Mt Victoria to exchange conversations about death and life, ponder, wonder and celebrate the Art of Living and Dying in compassionate community.  Come on down and share your thoughts, anxieties, fears, stories, and enjoy an afternoon conversing and mingling with like-spirited warm-hearted people.  Let's take death gently out of the closet together and make a friend, not a foe, of this inevitable companion to us all! 

DEATH CAFE allows people to talk about death and grief, but also sparks those conversations about life.  These conversations will be free from ideology.  A Death Cafe principle is not to lead participants towards any conclusion about life, death or life after death, apart from their own thoughts.  Our conversations will be accessible and respectful to all.  These conversations will be empathic and compassionate to support everyone in expressing themselves in a safe, non-judgemental sacred space.

DEATH CAFE is an open forum for the public to discuss any issues surrounding life and death.  The goal is to encourage people to feel comfortable with the topic of death and dying.  From the day we are born, we know not when this hour may be our last.  We never know when death will come to any of us, so taking time to ponder and be heard, to be prepared and have knowledge to make individual unique choices of our desired exit, is a blessed gift to ourselves and loved ones.

CALLING ALL EXPLORERS OF LIFE & DEATH: Who wants to think about death?  No one.  No one wants to think about it, but we do.  It's part of the cycle of life.  Society doesn't make it easy to talk about death.  The key is getting over our death anxiety and to enrich the quality of our lives.  What do we want to do with our lives?  What do we want to accomplish most?  How do we want to be remembered?  Such questions encourage us to face our own mortality and to live each day more fully.

UNITY IN DIVERSITY: We welcome everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, faith, creed, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic class, or any other humanade condition.  We are creating a sacred space where people can come to experience connection to one another in sharing their fears about death, and their joys about life.  It is a celebration to living and dying as a natural cycle of existence.

TEA & CAKE are served to sweeten the shared conversations.  Come join us. 

$10 per person will help us with cost of venue and refreshments, and received with heart-felt gratitude :)

YOUR FACILITATOR Sophia is an experienced Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer.  She has facilitated workshops over the years on Grief and Mourning, Guilt and Shame, Anger and Depression, to help mitigate the changing landscape of life's trials, tribulations and unexpressed grief.  This personal and/or family loss may be due to the death of a beloved family member or friend, a cherished pet, separation, divorce, children leaving home, bullying, loss or change of residence, redundancy, business liquidation or bankruptcy.

Sophia has facilitated workshops on Self-Compassion, Empathy & Compassion for others and the larger framework of 'Transforming Planetary Despair' exploring and "Feeling the pain of the world" repressed fear, isolation and despair for our global future. 

She has also facilitated the exploration of grief and despair revealed within the constellation of profound feelings, unmet values and needs, while allowing transient feelings to flow within-without.  To "come alive" and reconnect with joy and courage to the beauty, wonder and inter-connectedness of all Life, with hope for tomorrow.  The Elm Dance of Hope reflects this inner unity and grace. 

Sophia believes peace begins within each person and Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers tools, enabling us to make a paradigm shift in consciousness, from living in a culture of violence and fear, towards a Culture of Peace, Compassion and Empathy.

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Life is a Song.  Death is a hymn.  Let your voice be heard.  ~ Sophia Tara

Friends Meeting House
The Quaker Centre
7 - 8 Moncrieff Street
Mt Victoria, Wellington

Moncrieff Street is off Elizabeth Street, opposite Clyde Quay School.  Friends Meeting House (Quaker Centre) is at the top of Moncrieff Street.  Click the link on this Google Map,+Mt+Victoria,+Wellington+6011,+New+Zealand/

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