Ecstatic Dance

Presented by wild explorer and magic instigator, Aleksandra Grzebalska
Come and dance with us the dance of your ecstasy!

When:Every Sunday from 7:30pm until 9pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Entry fee: $5

~ Dance ~ Move ~ Breath ~ Sound ~ Rave ~ Meditate in Motion ~

Come and dance with us the dance of your ecstasy!

Move your body how it wants to move.  Discover the bliss of embodiment and free movement by letting go.  Expand the scope of your possibilities and permissibilities.  Find a place of joy in the moment through movement, stillness, connection.

We are very excited, as this is now a weekly event!  The idea came as an urge to move, to bring people together through embodiment and to create a space of empowerment, freedom and redefined possibilities.

Inclusivity is what guides this space.  All emotions and expressions are welcome, and you are encouraged to hold them and move through them.  There is space for beautiful dance, for wild dance, for flowing dance, for chaotic dance, for shaking dance, for slow dance, for fast dance, for energetic dance and finally for stillness.

The space is held by a facilitator and music invites you on a journey through a wave of ascending and descending intensity.

----------- suggested koha $5 ------------

Wear comfy clothing and come however you are.  No prior experience in dance or conscious movement practices required.  You will follow your own pace, rhythm and inspiration to the joy of your heart.

Bring as many friends as you like, no bookings required.  Come on time so we can all start together.

This is strictly no alcohol and drug space.

Join us when you feel the calling!

Joy Love Peace Bliss,

Aleksandra and Tira

Breaker Bay Community Hall, 150 Breaker Bay Rd, Breaker Bay, Wellington 6022

Contact details:
Aleksandra - 02108 642 775

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