Soul Empowerment Workshop - Empathy

Presented by Angela Rinaldi - Soul Coach/Channeler/Healer
Empathy - Psychic Protection
Take your energetic power back.

When:Sunday 20th August 2017 at 11:00 am
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:2 hrs
Cost: $40

How sensitive are you?  Do you pick up every kind of energy whether it's good or bad.  Do certain people or places leave you feeling drained, tired, emotional, headaches, feeling negative, angry, depressed, anxiety.
Being a empath is when you are affected by other people energies and are sensitive to the environment.
It's really important to release other people's thoughts and emotions, because if you don't it will effect your health and all these emotions will build up and eventually become explosive or have a breakdown.
So this workshop will help you.
Everyone will learn how to cope with being an empath, because we are all the same at the workshop.  We will do a energy detox and cleanse.  And learn how to take your energies back with different exercises.
Certain protections will be given, so all your energies are safe and block other peoples energies out.

All bookings will be allocated on first booked/paid basis and must be paid before workshops begin.  There is a registration form that will explain more with banking details when bookings are made, that will need to be signed and returned to emails down below before workshops begin.

Russell Keown House ( opposite Rebel Sports ) Cnr Queens Drive & Knights Road - Lower Hutt - Wellington

Contact details:
Contact Number: 022 413 9369
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