Soul Retrieval Workshop

Presented by Cendrine, yoga teacher, Reiki master, psychic healer and medium
How can we feel fully empowered right now if don’t have all of our soul with us?

When:Saturday 9th September 2017 at 4:00 pm
Where:Johnsonville/Newlands, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:2 hours
Cost: $40pp

Think about all the experiences and all the people you have met in your life… Think about all the time you had such a deep strong emotional reaction that you felt shattered for days...  Think about some disproportionate reactions you sometimes have to seemingly innocent events… And then multiply all of those by the number of lives you have had before this one; most likely hundreds...

In many lives, we have experienced traumatic experiences, even seemingly minor.  Very often, we literally have fractured ourselves and have left a little bit of our soul behind.  Fundamentally, we are shattering our essence through time and space.  I would explain this with the feeling of ‘not being there’ when something very unpleasant is occurring in your life.  You feel that you can disconnect yourself from the experience so it is less painful to endure.  It is a protection but overtime all those little soul pieces scattered in time and space start creating big holes in our soul and energy field.

How can we feel fully empowered right now if don’t have all of those soul pieces with us?

I personally work a lot on myself in this way, retrieving scattered soul pieces.  Every time I practice this I feel such a deep love and power coming from within; Then I wonder how I could have lived before without that soul piece of mine, how I could have had the strength to go on.  I now have a strong calling to help others through this same journey of re-collection and discovery because it is deeply healing and empowering.  The more soul pieces you retrieve the more ‘whole’ you feel.

Join me for this workshop as I will guide you and help you find and retrieve some of your soul pieces so you can integrate them fully to feel more empowered and healed on a truly deep level.  This is a very powerful way to discover more about yourself and feel that you have more of what you need to walk on your path.

Are you ready to be whole again?

CendrineS Yoga & Wellbeing Centre - 103-105 Johnsonville Road Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

Only a ten to fifteen minute drive up Highway 1, take exit to Johnsonville and continue straight onto Johnsonville Road; the studio is on the left next to Dominos.

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