Hormone Yoga Therapy Workshop for Men

Presented by Radka Rosanitsch & CendrineS Yoga and Wellbeing Centre
HYT uses yoga to help regulate one's own hormones and regulatory systems.  HYT generally helps with stress, increases libido, helps strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate the body.

When:Friday 3rd November 2017 at 9:00 am
Where:Johnsonville/Newlands, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:9am to 7pm
Cost: $200 including the study materials

Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) for Men with certified teacher of HYT Radka Rosanitsch, certified by the author of the special method Dinah Rodrigues.  Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) for Men is a natural and holistic method created by a Brazilian psychologist and Yoga therapist, Dinah Rodrigues. 

HYT form Men is also called Hormone Yoga against stress and in andropuse.  HYT is a dynamic form of Yoga therapy, which objective is to reactivate in a natural way the hormone production of the endocrine glands of men: testis, thyroid, hypophysis and adrenals.  HYT combines elements of classical Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Tibetan techniques circulation of energy.

HYT consists a special series of dynamic Yoga asanas (exercises, which work not only with the pelvis, but generally act on the musculoskeletal system) to reactivate hormone production and, as a consequence, it eliminates most symptoms of hormonal imbalance and stress.  Asanas are accompanied by intense pranayama (breathing technique Bhastrika, which is a dynamic, strong abdominal breath massaging the abdominal organs), Tibetan energy technique (a mental technique to move and direct the energy, to activate endocrine glands and supports the overall effect of exercise), concentration, visualization and relaxation (Yoga nidra).

Regular practice is helping to harmonize the hormonal system and consequently eliminating the symptoms of low hormone levels.  HYT helping to relieve the stress, hypotension of the thyroid, migraines, increase libido, prevents prostate problems, anxiety and depression and more.

During the workshop you will learn breathing techniques, warm up exercises and daily series exercises which you will have to practice at home (3-4x weekly), the routine takes about 30 minutes.  You will also learn exercises against stress, anti-stress pranayamas and Yoga-Nidra to activate glands and harmonize energy and chakras.

The results come according to how often you do practice.  Is recommended to practice every day, minimum 3-4 per week.  HYT exercises are simple and suitable for everyone.  No previous Yoga experiences are needed.  Daily practice takes approx.  30 minutes

Low libido
Behavior changes
Atrophy of testis and penis muscles
Softening of testis muscles
Less pubic hairs
Virility decreased
Erection difficulty
Difficulty to attain orgasm
Sleep problems

BOOKING & PAYMENT ($200 including the study materials)
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Radka is a certified Yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance and certified Hormone Yoga Therapist by Dinah Rodrigues.  She’ has got more then 500 hours of experience of qualified lessons and workshops in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga and Hormone Yoga.

What led me to practice HYT?
An imbalance of female hormones causing infertility.  At the beginning of 2014, doctors told me, that the level of hormones in my body is closer to menopause rather than the possibility of pregnancy, and if I get pregnant the natural way without the help of hormonal drugs/pills, it will be a miracle.  At that moment my world collapsed completely… but I did not give it up.  A few months later I received a gift from my sister – A weekend seminar of Hormone Yoga Therapy.  Already after completing the weekend course, I felt that ovaries start to work and I immediately knew that this might be the right way to become a mother.  At the same year I was let go from my job, where stress way a daily factor, so my husband and I decided to fly to Asia.  And right there, no work = no stress, I have started with my practice of Hormone Yoga Therapy and practiced almost every day.  About 10 months later came “the” miracle…

Are you asking yourself why I teach HYT?
I know from my own experience that regular exercise of HYT is very effective and fruitful.  The level of hormones in the body are adjusted without the need to use for example hormone replacement therapy.  I am looking forward to each of you who will taste the ‘fruit’ itself, and your patience and hard work will bring a shiny smile on your face, makes you feeling fresh and youthful, and yours hormonal imbalance or unpleasant menopause symptoms disappear.

CendrineS Yoga & Wellbeing Centre - 103-105 Johnsonville Road Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

Only a ten to fifteen minute drive up Highway 1, take exit to Johnsonville and continue straight onto Johnsonville Road; the studio is on the left next to Dominos.

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