Sacred Story : Sacred Sound

Presented by Te Atarangi Whenua Waaka
An interactive healing workshop for women designed to strengthen, encourage and promote ancient ways of healing via story telling using our voices & our bodies

When:Saturday 11th November 2017 at 9:00 am
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:5pm wind up
Cost: $70

Sacred Story : Sacred Sound is an interactive healing workshop designed to strengthen, encourage and promote ancient ways of healing via story telling using our voices, our bodies and / or other instruments available.

The vision for Sacred Story : Sacred Sound is to create and hold space for 7-12 women [ aged 18+ ] who wish to explore a piece of their unheard story.  This workshop is an opportunity to be heard & witnessed using a series of group and individual exercises designed to gently support us to release anxiety & to promote inclusion in a format that is both fun & a little challenging.  It is a time for remembering aspects of ourselves either past or present life time, and the importance of owning our stories in the here and now.  Our time together will be invigorating, fun, intense, growing, learning, expansive, healing and connective.  It will be as powerful an experience as you're willing to allow it to be for yourself.

For those new to the experience of allowing yourself to be seen / visible / vulnerable, you will experience the power of your vulnerability as part of your strengthening process.

Ko wai au – Who am I?  I descend from Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa & Muaupoko.  I align with an integrity that serves to strengthen humanity by strengthening individuals.  My name is Te At?rangi Whenua Waaka.

The concept for this workshop came about as a result of spending over half my life trapped & feeling defeated in silence.  I may have survived horrendous suffering & humiliation - however I was not living.  Four days out from Christmas 2015, I sat myself down and made a choice that has since allowed me to shift away from what had become "the confines of survivorship' and out into a world where I am learning to thrive for the first time in my life.

My lived experiences around Aotearoa formally qualify me for what I now do in assisting others to reconnect with themselves through various modalities of healing including Sacred Story : Sacred Sound workshops, Sacred Sound : Sacred Space groups and a growing range of other spiritually aligned healing modalities.

Workshop cost: $70 per person.  Email me for Flexible payment options Now - - or PM via Ancient Resonance [@quantumtruth ].  Registrations accepted until Nov 7.

What to bring: Warm sox – I work with a shoes off policy (no hard soled slippers).  Bring dry sticks and / or Stones to tap & rub together.  Bring any insrument you may have also.  Remember this is an ancient form of healing – keep it basic.  Small durms, Shaman drums, rattles, triangles, bells etc anything you find that reverberates ie produces sound, that you'd like to use & share as a medium for sharing your sound story with us in a fun & liberating way – bring it. 

Food: AM/PM tea – Lunch - Coffee / Water / Tea will be provided

Lower Hutt Womens Centre
186 Knights Road, Lower Hutt

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