How To Beat Exam Stress

Presented by Camilla Watson - CORLIGHT Programmes
What can you do to lower your stress levels, reduce your ‘symptoms’ of stress, and perform even better – both while studying AND right before an exam?

When:Monday 16th October 2017 at 7:00 pm
Where:Tawa, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:2 hours
Cost: $20

Generally, we all experience some level of nervousness or tension before tests or other important events in our lives.  A little nervousness can actually help motivate us; however, too much of it can become a problem – especially if it interferes with our ability to prepare for and perform on exams. 

This is not a ‘how to study’ guide, but a special event for anyone who gets stressed out thinking of exams, or even those who just want to be more pro-active and learn to take better care of themselves in this regard.  We’ll cover what exam stress actually is; reducing and combating symptoms; and what to do about perfectionism and procrastination (different causes require different responses). 

Join us to discover new ways to relieve excessive exam stress and optimise your performance. 

(Suitable Year 10 – university, etc)

Venue: Information Centre, Tawa College (Tawa Community Education) $20.

Tawa College, Community Education

Contact details:
For tickets:,HOW-TO-BEAT-EXAM-STRESS,2729

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