Free To Be Me - The Corlight Weight Management Course

Presented by Camilla Watson - CORLIGHT Programmes
Whether your goal is concentrated weight loss or maintaining healthy weight balance, join us to discover the keys to successful change.

When:Thursday 2nd November 2017 at 7:00 pm
Where:Porirua, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:7 weeks
Cost: $315

Whether your goal is losing that stubborn kilo, concentrated weight loss, maintaining healthy weight balance, or simply wanting to develop a healthy attitude around food, the CORLIGHT™ ‘Free To Be Me®’ course is the missing link in weight management programmes.

Empowering YOU to take charge !

We eat what we eat for various reasons but a lot of those reasons are resting below our consciousness in our subconscious drivers.  Over the seven weeks of this course you will learn to uncover your own links and reactions to food, and once food is disconnected from those drivers you're truly free!

Obviously there will be some changes required to your existing nutritional patterns but
This is NOT a diet
You will NOT ‘starve’
While you WILL learn about the energy content of foods, you will NOT count calories
You will NOT ‘deprive’ yourself of ‘treats’
There are NO special products to buy
NO ongoing fees or costs
You will NOT feel miserable !

Why ‘Free To Be Me’® works:
This is a ‘behaviour-based’ programme for healthy, long-term, lifestyle change
You will lose weight and keep it off
You will gain health and energy
You will develop new habits that support a new lifestyle
You will change your entire thinking around food

Supporting you through real, honest, easy-to-maintain-and-understand, behavioural pattern changes, including exercises that enable you to identify and conquer your personal challenges.  You WILL learn to develop LONG-TERM balanced, healthy, informed, behaviours around food.

(Weight loss results will vary.  Because this is a programme that changes your lifestyle and your behaviours around food, participants generally easily continue the programme after the 7 week course and on average lost 7.5kg over 14 weeks, and most importantly, keep it off.  They continue to achieve significant health benefits long term.)

Course begins Thurs 2nd November, 7- 9pm.  $315 incl gst,fees etc. 
Last session Thurs 16th December.

CORLIGHT Office, Whitby.  Details on booking.

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