Death Dhoula & End of Life Workshop

Presented by Lola Rushartland
Everything you wanted to know about death and dying but didn't know who to ask.....

When:Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 10:00 am
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:14 hours
Cost: $220

End-of-Life consultant, Funeral Guide and Death Dhoula Lola Rushartland from Australia is coming to Satori to share her wisdom and knowledge in a weekend workshop where we can explore, learn, be challenged and be encouraged around everything to do with death and dying.

The workshop will cover the following:

- what to say - conversations with the terminally ill
- preparing for times to come
- what is a good death?
- finding meaning
- rituals before and after death
- home vigil
- authentic diy funeral
- grief

nb - this is a 2- day weekend workshop - 3/4 March 10pm-5pm
each day concludes with a beautiful crystal singing bowl meditation to integrate deeply and somatically what we have learnt.

Satori Retreat, 36 Rimu Street, Eastbourne Village
next to Library

Contact details:
For further details contact Lola by email
or contact Gail McJorrow 0274.422729

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