Heaven on Earth

Presented by Internationally noted author and channel for Tabaash, Blair Styra
Two days ~ Nine facilitators ~ One Total Transformation!

When:Saturday 26th January 2019 at 9:00 am
Where:Kapiti Coast, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:Two days
Investment: Early bird: $395 including food and accommodation


An opportunity to really transmute, transcend, transform, connect and anchor while being held by nine experienced facilitators, each with a unique offering. 

Heaven on EARTH is going to be a very special event.  Imagine being held in the loving hands of beautiful land, sleeping in a super charming place that has been used for spiritual retreats for more than 50 years and has a melting atmosphere and fed beautiful nourishing food.  The facilitators being gathered have been hand chosen to lift you up into transcendence and bring that vibration into embodiment.  And we are going to have fun, make connections and extend soul family! 

Our Facilitators:

GRACE BELL who is a conduit for Consciousness and works on your biology through very sophisticated light synthesis techniques clearing and upgrading your entire system on all levels. 
MELISSA BILLINGTON will take you on a very special regenerative drumming journey deep into where your guides wait to impart healing and vision and real shifts for your manifest reality for a rich and rewarding experience.  Her drumming is otherworldly. 
MELISSA BURTENSHAW is a certified Zhineng qigong teacher and gifted Dream Medicine woman who will help bring it all back home into your body and anchor it with her amazing practice learned from the masters in China. 
MALCOLM WILSON will be taking us on a very special Quantum Jumping journey, His sessions are transformative and unforgettable. 
STEPHANIE SINCLAIRE will be leading you on a Mighty I AM Presence Activation to your individualised God self to release your divine blueprint and abundant supply. 
The lost art of flower language forms the cornerstone of ABBY GRACE'S spiritual work.  In a special place called the Sacred Garden. 
SCHAMET HORSFIELD Schamet will take you on a journey through the chakras with movement, sound, aromatherapy, yoga, and intuitive chakra art. 
YEE LAY LAU will transport you with her exquisite crystal bowls, harp and Light language. 
NELA PATEL will be providing her signature delicious vegan food, with quality ingredients, healing energy, and most dietary considerations catered for. 
And special guest: We're blessed to have a rare visit from Blair Styra who has been the noted channel for TABAASH for 40 years and is known internationally for his incredible transformative sessions.  Blair is really fun and the embodiment of Presence. 

Please like our event page for updates, more about our facilitators and venue and vlogs: https://www.facebook.com/events/755398524809074/

Strathean Retreat Center,


Contact details:
Please text Malcolm at 02040629768 or PM on FB at Malcolm Wilson - Holistic Hypnotherapist for any questions, or to leave a deposit or to pay.

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