DreamWorlds - Connecting With The Messages Of Your Dreams

Presented by Malcolm Wilson - Holistic Hypnotherapist & Melissa Burtenshaw - Dream Medicine Woman
Join Dream Medicine Woman, Melissa Burtenshaw and Malcolm Wilson - Holistic Hypnotherapist on a magical adventure to unlock the messages of your dreams.

When:Tuesday 13th November 2018 at 6:30 pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:2 Hours
Entry fee: $25 pp

Every night, for hours at a time, you slip through a secret portal and into the realm of magic.

It’s the Dreamworld - Your doorway to dimensions, where there are no boundaries between the seen and unseen worlds, and where the codes, keys, symbols, and answers await your discovery.

Join Dream Medicine Woman, Melissa Burtenshaw and Malcolm Wilson - Holistic Hypnotherapist on a magical adventure to unlock the messages of your dreams. 

Through practical exercises, powerful information, the sharing and interpreting of our dreams, and a group meditation designed to enhance dream-connection and recall abilities, Melissa and Malcolm will combine their practical knowledge and dream-plane experiences with your dreams and desires so you may lift the veil and learn:

How to interpret the symbols of the Dreamworld for you, those you love, and the collective

The art of astral travel, lucid dreaming, bilocation and dreamwalking to receive messages and guidance

How to heal yourself, others, our planet, and the collective in the dream state

How to tell the difference between the subconscious realms, guided messages, mystical connections, and wishful thinking - and how each can be applied to enhance your daily life

The power of intention and dream-journalling - because the dreams you have at night can help your deepest dreams come true!

From tuning into your life purpose to your finding your soul tribe, guides, and loved ones.  From deep connection with the earth and stars, to the codes of your subconscious.  It all waits for you here.  Bring a journal and any dreams you wish to share or have interpreted.  The last Dreamworlds workshop received fantastic feedback with many people having incredible visions, dreams, interpretations and healings afterwards.  In fact, many of us met up in the astral realm that night!This journey will be just as magical!

When: Tuesday, 13th November: 6:30-8:30PM
Where: Healium Wellington, Level 2: Malcolm Pacific House.  276 Lambton Quay , Wellington
Price: $25pp.  Cash Only.  Pay at the door.
RSVP: Numbers are strictly limited.  RSVP Malcolm via txt on 02040629768, PM our FB pages at Dream Medicine or Malcolm Wilson - Holistic Hypnotherapist And Life Change Counsellor
A Full Recording of the Workshop will be E-Mailed to you.

Healium - Level 2.  Malcolm Pacific House.  276 Lambton Quay.

Contact details:
PM Malcolm Wilson - Holistic Hypnotherapist or text 02040629768

Categories: Astral Travel, Meditation, Healing, Self Develoment