Deep Listening: OpenFloor Movement & Yoga Retreat

Presented by Swami Karma Karuna & Sybille Feint
‘The inspiration you seek is already within you.  Be silent and listen.’
– Rumi
In deep listening you will be invited and guided to pay attention to your inner world.

When:Thursday 16th May 2019 at 11:30 am
Where:Nelson, Nelson Bays (see below for the venue address)
Duration:Ends 12pm Sun 19th May
Investment: Standard price: NZ$625 Camping price: NZ$ 595.  Early Bird Available

In ‘Deep Listening’ we will surrender to the movement that flows inside ourselves.  We will listen to what is alive in us at all levels, and surrender to the dance of the soul.

The retreat offers deep daily explorations combining OpenFloor Movement practice with Restorative Yoga.  This unique combination will create a moving spiritual experience allowing a deep dive into yourself.

Using the practice of OpenFloor movement – we invite you to feel fully embodied – physcially, emotionally and crucially, mindfully.  OpenFloor encourages us to use or bodies to feel alive, to enable us to feel present and more connected with life.  This natural embodiment helps us come to our senses and raises our perspective as we learn to stay with our experiences regardless of whether we deem them good or bad.

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When we live an embodied life we are fluid, flexible, and free to experience all of the wild and subtle moments that go by, the ones that are heavenly and the ones that drop us to our knees.

We will be integrating traditional Yogic practices with the OpenFloor dance, to bring us into balance and harmony, giving us the ability to enjoy life, fulfil our potential and uncover our true nature.  Practices include Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Havan and Meditation.

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