Self Love Workshop & Self Marriage Ceremony

Presented by schamet Horsfield and Irena Stenner
Self Love Workshop and Sacred Ceremonies Self Marriage on the beach with Schamet Horsfield and Art Therapist Irena Stenner

When:Friday 29th March 2019 at 7:00 pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:3 days
Investment: 198-

Back in 1999 I was sitting in the temple of Sekhmet in Egypt and the Universe (God/Goddess) spoke to me and said I was suppose to marry myself.  I was also shown the ring in a vision.  (I had not heard of self marriage before.) I finished my meditation and left the temple where I then met a woman outside the temple wearing the ring I just saw in my meditation!!!  I was amazed as I had not seen this woman or the ring before and so I decided to tell her my vision and she told me she just married herself and the ring was her wedding ring.  And then she explained what self marriage meant to her.

Committing and making vows of self love for oneself may mean different things to different people but to me it simply means loving onself and commiting to your own authentic self.  Choosing to LOVE yourself completely regardless of your faults or imperfections.  Choosing YOU first and formost.  And being there for yourself even when no one else is.  Unifying the duality within.  Embracing ones own shadow parts and LOVING every bit regardless.  I feel, If you cant love YOU how can you truly love another person completely and if you cant commit to YOU then how can you truly commit to another whole heartily?

Self love is sooo important and its a part of my life I continue to practice...Self marriage is such a POWERFUL Sacred rite and ceremony!!!

I decided I had to embrace my wounded self, my scared little girl that hid inside, embrace and love the Sekhmet part of me that protects that little girl, and love the panther goddess that gets fiery when her boundaries are crossed....I married all parts the very next day in the pyramid in Cairo, Egypt.  A few years later I also married the man of my dreams.  I continue to work on my self marriage and my marriage with my man too.....I keep commitiing to loving all aspects....its a choice in every moment.

This was almost 20 years ago and it has been my dream/vision for around 7 years to do Sacred Ceremonies for men and women.  And my spirit guides have been telling me loud and clear that it is time.  I will be offering this as an ongoing service, private, and in groups.  If you are interested please feel free to get in touch as I can book self wedding parties and cater no matter how big or small!

I will also offer this in Bali in June on heart chakra day and will do a Self Love Retreat in the fall.  Watch this space!!!

Here is what is offered for the weekend workshop:

Day 1: Friday 7-9 pm Opening Self Love Circle

Introduction to mirror work and group self love sharing.  Exploring relationship and what it means.  Meditation and Sound bath with Irena and Schamet.

Day 2: Saturday 11:00 am-6:00pm

11:00-1:00 Exploring core beliefs, commitments, self love, what you need to surrender and let go to let love in. 
Art Therapy with Art Therapist Irena Stenner.  (She is Fabulous!!!)
1:00-1:30 light snack and cuppa
1:30-2:30 Writing your vows to yourself!
4:00-6:00 Baccalaureate party!!!  Self care, self love pampering, girls just wanna have fun and feel loved!!!  dancing and yoga led by Schamet, foot soak in rose petals and essential oils, massage, etc.  (time to be adorned, cherished, and loved up, and shared dinner.  Everything a woman needs to feel love and self love.  (FUN!!!!)

Day 3: Sunday 11 am-4:00pm

Opening Self Love Circle Cacao ceremony
12:00-1:00 getting ready as a tribe for the ceremony as well as making a clay bead for each other as a form of tribal blessing. 
(This will be led by Irena.)

1:00-3:00pm Marriage Ceremony at Island Bay Beach
Pictures will be taken by photographer Leigh Macinol.  You will get 3 beautiful Goddess Photos of you looking absolutely loved up and gorgeous with ocean in back ground!!!!  Leigh will send them to you in digital format.

3:00-4:00 Wedding After party!!!!  Back to mine for chocolate, champagne, and/or Kombucha!

What you will need to bring:

Your wedding dress!  Please wear something white or cream.  White symbolizes union, purity, and is a sacred way of symbolizing new beginnings.  I thought a lot about this and as a lot of you know I work with the chakras and LOVE color but for this particular ceremony I want to create a resonance that yes color makes us unique and individuals.  And Black to me means mastery...but white is purity and brings us together as one.  The light beings that we are sparkeling with potential...and a canvas for new beginnings.

Wedding Ring (doesn't need to be diamond....anything you want!)
Bring a plate to share for shared dinner on Sunday!
Anything extra you want to be part of ceremony.
Crystals, flowers, fruit for alter.

Whats included:
3 day workshop
Art Therapy
Home made cholcolate, tea, champagne, kombucha
Sacred Ceremony and Marriage Certificate
Art that you will bring home.
3 beautiful Goddess digital Photos of you on the beach to keep!

Investment price for 3 day workshop is only 198$
Booking essential

I have known Irena Stenner personally for many years and loved her heart as soon as I met her.  I gave her a Chakra Healing and in return she gave me an Art Therapy session this last year and it was magic.  I knew straight away this was a very special woman that I wanted to work with her and lovingly and with excitement she felt the same way about me.  We are aligned.  Both of us are very heart centered light workers.

Bio for Irena Stenner

Irena Stenner has been an art therapist for over 20 years.  She is a member of the NZ Association of Counsellors and ACC registered.  She also is an Interactive Drawing Therapy teacher.  Irena initially trained in Germany and have added a range of other therapeutic modalities to her toolbox over the years.  She works with a lot with trauma which has taught her that we can’t ignore the body when it comes to healing.  She started to really think about what we need to be well and how to approach healing in a way that includes the mind, body and spirit.  Irena developed a special interest in yoga and how to include the body in the therapeutic process which has lead me to becoming student of craniosacral therapy.  She is also a practicing artist.  Her passion and interest now is in combining the creative process with mindfulness and embodiment.  Creativity helps us to access inner wisdom and connects us to our deeper self.  It bypasses our intellectual mind which doesn’t have the answers.  It works for everyone and doesn’t require special artistic talent as many people have been conditioned to believe.  Being creative changes our inner state and makes us feel good and it is easy if we don’t feel judged.  Irena has developed a range of art therapy processes to ease people into creativity while feeling comfortable and safe.  It gives her a great pleasure is to witness how soothing, delightful, surprising and life changing it can be for people to come in touch with their creative self. 

Bio for Schamet Horsfield

Schamet Horsfield has been on the self love and healing journey for over 20 years.  Louise Hay being one of her teachers.  Schamet majored in psychology and art at Highschool and University and completed 3 1/2 yearsof a liberal art degree but then decided to change pathways from the more conservative approach to healing to the metaphysical as she had an awakening/euphony, prminition dreams, awakened clairvoyant abilities, etc and realization she was a light worker and healer and so then graduated from East West School of the Healing Arts in Portland Oregon almost 20 years ago, she studied to be a LMT, clairvoyant, psychic healer, Reiki, and Chakras being her favorite subject.  Schamet also trained to be a movement therapist.  Schamet then worked as a LMT and healer for over 10 years.

Schamet has been inspired by many spiritual teachers, healers, lightworkers, and shamans including Deanna Marcus, Kerri Marsh, Anodea Judith, David Goulet, Wilbert Alex, Sandra Ingerman, Debbie and Carlos Roses, Vin Marti, Tabbash, and too many yoga teachers to count or name...but really her main teacher is her higher self and her inner wisdom of living here on earth for many life times.  Schamet is an old soul.  Schamet also has her certificate in Reiki, healing, NLP, and 300+ hours registered and certified Yoga Teacher.  Schamet is Now being being certified by Anodea Judith to teach teachers in New Zealand.  Schamet's main area of work is turning wounds into wisdom and superpowers.  Schamet teaches people about their chakras and is a Chakra Healer in order to help people step into their power and make their dreams come true!!!To find out more you can visit

BOTH Irena and Schamet are aligned in their focus.  Its all about LOVE, JOY, SELF LOVE and FUN!!!

Awakening of spirit and tranformation should be enjoyed!!!!  Lets have some fun, get creative, and let the light shine like the diamonds that we are!!!

Diamond in the Bay Yoga
23 High St Island Bay

Contact details:
Schamet 0275182476

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