CREATING ABUNDANCE Opening to Flow, Meaning and Money with Leza Lowitz

Presented by Leza Lowitz
This all-day workshop is a special chance to dig deep into yourself to open up to abundance in every form.

When:Sunday 8th December 2019 at 9:30 am
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:7 Hours
Cost: $135 early bird / $150 standard

This all-day workshop is a special chance to dig deep into yourself to open up to abundance in every form, helping you to understand and transform your relationship to happiness, wellness, money and flow.  Ultimately, you will be guided to find your life’s work and realize your natural state of abundance.  If you are already on your path, this workshop will help you take your offerings to the next level of potential, having more to give and share.


Money and abundance, like everything else in the universe, are forms of energy.  They have certain spiritual laws of flow.  What is your attitude towards money and abundance?  Where did it come from?  Do you give yourself permission to have abundance in every area?  Do you have blocks in certain areas you just can’t seem to push through?  Now is the time to investigate and open yourself up to greater flow!

In this workshop, we will use:

* Guided meditations
* Journaling
* Manifesting techniques
* Partner work
* Magnetizing techniques and more…

All to help you understand and transform your beliefs about abundance, listen to your intuition, and draw opportunity and possibility to you in ways that support you and the universe.

Do you feel guilty having plenty?
How do you approach giving and receiving?
Do you love what you do?
Does something seem to stop you from pursuing your dreams?

This workshop will offer you clarity and concrete tools to move forward and resolve to overcome the obstacles—both inner and outer—that prevent you from fully realizing your potential.

TESTIMONIAL: “The workshop did more to help me see how I hinder my own efforts than anything else.  The experience has helped me focus my writing skills and develop a plan to become a full-time self-employed writer.  I now have one book in negotiation, and one proposal being seriously considered.”

If you have been looking for a way to expand your horizons and potential, this special workshop is for you.  Using this material, Leza has helped thousands of people around the world to reach their dreams and beyond!

About the Teacher:
Leza Lowitz, yoga studio owner&teacher, best-selling author:

Sun and Moon Yoga Director, mother and best-selling author of over 20 books, Leza Lowitz, introduced Restorative Yoga to Japan a decade ago and teaches weekly RY classes.  She leads Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings at Sun and Moon Yoga and has trained over 1000 teachers throughout Japan and Asia.  She teaches vinyasa flow and meditation as well, and credits her yoga practice with deepening her creativity, discipline and compassion.

Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba Street

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