Guided Crystal Sound Healing Meditation

Presented by Sound Therapist, Gail McJorrow
Amplify your meditation with every cell in your body absorbing the powerful sounds and vibrations of a crystal singing bowl bath.  Experience an altered state of consciousness in other dimensions.

When:Saturday 23rd November 2019 at 2:00 pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:1 hour
Investment: $20 waged, $15 (students, Gold Card and CSC holders)

We are all born with our own unique cellular resonance, tuned to the natural harmonic frequency of Mother Earth.  We are symphony of sound, vibration and energy flow.  Our body comprises a skeleton made of a crystalline matrix, with trillions of cells and various organs, all of which resonate and vibrate.

Each cell in our body is like a miniature battery that holds a negative and positive voltage with the capacity to give off a total of 700 trillion volts.  We are electromagnetic beings which, when fully charged, pulse in harmony with the electromagnetic field of the cosmos.  This electrical energy is what keeps our hearts beating and influences our brainwaves.  Rhythmic charges of electrical energy, receding and swelling again and again like the waves in the ocean. 

So, unless we take the time to meditate and switch off, like a torch that is left on, we go flat.  Think of your body as an instrument that can get out of tune.  Everything in Nature has a cycle of rest and growth.  If we just keep on going, our bodies get out of resonance, which is when "dis-ease" can occur.  So, think of your Guided Crystal Sound Healing Meditation as a combined re-charge and tune-up at an internal cellular and molecular level.

The singing bowls are made of pure quartz crystal, which is what is used in your mobile phone and computer.  Quartz has the ability to transform and amplify energy.  As well as experiencing a profound sense of relaxation and inner peace, it is common to travel to other dimensions during your journey as you enter altered states of consciousness.  Indulge yourself in physical, mental and emotional healing at a deep, cellular level with lasting benefits!

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