‘Meditation Now’ 1 Day Retreat at Innermost Gardens, Wellington

Presented by Ian Melrose
Non-denominational meditation, yoga, naam yoga, spiritual discussion and yoga nidra is offered.  Newcomers are welcome to come along to this 1 Day Retreat set in beautiful gardens.

When:Sunday 22nd March 2020 at 8:00 am
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:1 Day
Cost: donation

Meditation offers a break from the pressures of daily living and apparent reality.  It enables you to sink deeper into peace and happiness not usually experienced every day.  Knowing this state lets you bring these qualities into your life. 
Learn various meditations that can be practiced easily. 

Changing mental habits takes time, so you'll be asked to practice these techniques regularly.  Anyone at any level is warmly invited to join us.

Learn to meditate or deepen your practice and discuss spiritual philosophy.  The mainly guided meditation or visualisation meditations are non-secular and cover teachings from different traditions. 

Please email if you'd like to attend so we can plan for the space required for the number of meditators as a session of yoga, yoga nidra and naam yoga are in the Schedule. 

Any donations are for hire of the retreat space and future retreats.  Retreats are held regularly as residential or non-residential throughout the year.  There is no donation for teaching. 

You’re welcome to forward this to any friends or family who may be interested.

Please bring a vegetarian pot-luck (no meat, fish, fowl).

Finishes at 5:00 pm.

"...each time I attend a meditation course or retreat with them, I walk away feeling more myself.  In such a relaxing and peaceful environment led by experienced meditators, it’s easy to refocus on what really matters and let the unimportant things go...Indigo “
“...anyone looking for a meditation course, from novice to experienced, will find this helpful and welcoming.  I’ve learnt a greater awareness of becoming mindful in this human experience and how integrated all of life is.  This is a non-religious and spiritually aware group, which has taught me to live with less fear and reduced negative thoughts.  This allows for greater calmness, compassion and love for others and myself...  Colleen”
“…I always leave feeling happy and head back to work with lots of positive energy.  I’ve particularly loved finding that I’ve slowly increased my levels of happiness over the last eight years since participating in the meditation groups and retreats.  They make new meditators feel very welcome, whether they’ve never meditated before or have meditated for years.  The spiritual discussion part of the evening, which is as varied as the participants, is always enlightening…Michele”

Innermost Gardens, 31 Lawson Place, Mt Victoria, 6011; access is to the right of the carpark at the top of Marjoriebanks St.  Innermost Gardens is a community garden nestled inside the town belt, near Mt Victoria Bowling Club, Wellington

Contact details:
Ian: ianmelrose52@gmail.com, for a Registration Form (please scan and return); 022 357 3589
Monique: monique.damitio@hotmail.com; 020 464 6802
Retreat bank account: Monique Damito/Meditation 12-3125-0707409-00 (initials & surname as reference).

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