Love in Motion - family constellation work day retreat

Presented by Bascha Meier
Diving into the deep invisible dynamics within the family system that cause entanglements and hold us back from moving forward freely and with love and respect.

When:Saturday 28th November 2020 at 10:00 am
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:10am until 5pm
Investment: $ 122, unwaged $88/ students 18+ $ 80

This SOULPOWER LIVE experiential day retreat offers an embodied experience of how the potent ancestral (Family) Constellation Work, combined with heart opening sound & light code journey, not only calibrates you to your own deeply aligned soul purpose, it also clears ancestral and past life entanglements.

The soul movements in Constellations allow us to look at our lives without masks and pretences, embrace radical self-love by healing the past traumas, in the present, for the future.

Each of us, without knowing it, can carry the heavy burdens of family generations who have gone before us, and be loyal to those who have suffered.
This powerful accessing within the quantum Energy Field will not only bring such hidden loyalties to light but give the tools and support at the moment to liberate your OWN authentic freedom.
The Potent breakthroughs are integrated through meditations, dance, shamanic drumming and creative fun expression! 

Spaces strictly limited - Sign Up Now!
Investment: a sliding scale from $122 - $155 enquire about a payment plan if needed)
student rates available, youth from 18 -25 please apply


A minimum of 8 people will be required for this workshop to go ahead.

Any Questions or concerns, please email Bascha directly

Includes teas and coffee
Please wear comfortable clothing preferably trousers

a plate of conscious food to share for lunch (finger food style works well for sharing)
any snacks for during short breaks during the day
water bottle
drums or percussion instruments if you have them
any crystal, photo or something to place on the altar


Do you:
Feel stuck, at crossroads or lost?
Suffer from reoccurring ill-health or accidents?
Cannot seem to get ahead financially?
Seeking clarity of your life’s purpose?
HAVE a child that is raging for no reason, is continuously restless?
Are self-employed and no matter what you do the abundance flow is just not happening?
· How come I suffer from insomnia?
· 'Why am I still not making a profit in my business even though I am working hard and ticking all the boxes?
· Why do my staff seem to leave after 8-10 months of starting??
· Why do I always 'choose' the wrong partners, in business and in personal relationships?
· I feel like the 'black sheep' of the family and don't understand why.
· I'd like to stop smoking/drinking, but somehow I sabotage it.
· What is blocking my creativity?
· Every offer I put in on a property deal fall over...

Join Master Constellation Facilitator and Trainer, Bascha Meier, to discover how your personal (health, emotional) or work issues often don’t actually belong to you...
Rather, they are caused by ‘entanglements’ in your family web, often from past generations.
Experience shifts in perception and healing when you can see, you are living out symptoms belonging to someone in your ancestry...without realising it, and it has been taking a stronghold on your life.
Bascha uses the simple, yet profound European Constellation process to bring the hidden mysteries to light, with great integrity and love, works with your issue, from root cause to resolution.

Other Interesting Facts:
Participants leave with a life-changing deeper understanding of themselves, the Power of Love and the forces that
govern human relationships.  This experiential workshop provides the opportunity to experience what makes love work in relationships.  Also:
Other family members do not need to be present
The need for self-disclosure is minimal, and Bascha often works ‘silently’
Everyone in your family system receives healing
“ I could never have imagined that my issues around money had anything to do with my great grandfather!  Setting up a constellation and moving it through to a positive resolution has totally shifted my perception, not only of the issue but of how we are spreading healing to all our family members at the same time” Max R, New York

Drawing upon a unique and diverse background ranging from business and entrepreneurship to shamanic studies and spirituality, Bascha Meier’s passion lies in aligning energy, attraction and freedom to allow people to truly shine.

She is a visionary and changemaker, an intuitive healer, an inspirational speaker and artist, who is authentic and open, informed and wise.  Always focussed on outcomes, Bascha’s intention is that readers, audiences, and private clients are able to draw upon her gifts and knowledge to raise their own consciousness, growth and energy.  She is the CEO of the Alchemy Gold Academy, which presents paradigm shift opportunities through live events, online training and consultancy.

As a Systemic Family Constellation Master facilitator, Bascha has also dedicated the past 25 years to study, personal development and growth, by working with renowned indigenous elders, practitioners, thought leaders and trainers.  She has studied Past Life Regression, NLP and Reiki and has worked internationally as a presenter, consultant, trainer and expert, supporting breakthroughs in defining soul purpose and helping people around the world to design and create lifestyles delivering abundance and joy. 

Bascha trained in Family Constellation Work directly with Bert and Sophie Hellinger, and spent 12 years travelling with them as their interpreter from German to English, on the international Training circuit.

Bascha works primarily as an Intuitive Empowerment Expert, incorporating ancestral lineage work, mediumship, empathy and light language.  Described as an “Energy Medicine Woman”, Bascha facilitates surrender, trust and flow, clearing blockages and transforming lives.

Warm, encouraging, and grounded in reality, Bascha Meier truly believes that by tapping into “The Freedom Frequency” and taking inspired action, anyone can achieve the life which they desire and deserve.

Wainuiomata Marae
151-203 Parkway

Contact details:
for any questions or more info please connect with Bascha direct on 021 02380070

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