Soul Empowerment Workshop - Channeled Spiritual Art

Presented by Angela Rinaldi - Soul Coach/Channeler/Healer
Channeled Spiritual Art - Open Yourself To The Flow Of Creativity & Inspiration

When:Sunday 9th July 2017 at 11:00 am
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:2 hrs
Cost: $90

Come along and unlock your creative abilities and meet your artistic guides.  It doesn't matter if you are an artist, like to doodle, or never done art before.  I will show you how to bring yourself and your artistic guide together to open your intuition, imagination and your creativity.
All blockages or limitations will be removed and your artistic flow will return.  Its about trust and allowing your artistic guides to work close with you to create your own master pieces.
When we are creative it gets the positive vibes in motion and the energies rises from our own life force into spiritual power.  You will see how creative you really are.
Everyone will create and make a Healing Crystal Wand and a Dream Book with channeled message from your artistic guide.
I will put something similar on my FB page one month before the workshop begins

All bookings will be allocated on first booked/paid basis and must be fully paid one month before workshop begins.  There is a registration form that will explain more and banking details when bookings are made, that will need to be signed and returned to emails down below before workshop begins.

Russell Keown House ( opposite Rebel Sports ) Cnr Queens Drive & Knights Road - Lower Hutt - Wellington

Contact details:
Contact Numder: 022 4139369

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