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Saturday 19th January 2019 (Tomorrow)

Holistic Wellbeing Spiritual Fair
10:00 am - Kapiti Coast - presented by Graham Sim
A variety of Holistic stallholders and 10 mediums for one to one personal readings
Waves of Connection
10:30 am - Kapiti Coast - presented by Lynne Adams from Montreal, Canada
A 5Rhythms Dance/Movement Meditation Workshop

Monday 21st January 2019

Explore Your 'Self' - Yogic Lifestyle Retreat (Jan 2019)
5:00 pm - Nelson Bays - presented by Swami Karma Karuna & Swami Gurubhakta
“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle
Yogic Life Skills Retreat Jan/Feb 2019
5:00 pm - Nelson Bays - presented by Swami Gurubhakta & Anahata Specialist Teachers
A 4 week easy-entry path in to a more conscious lifestyle. It begins with the 7 day Explore Your Self Retreat & continues with a residential 3 week stay of yogic lifestyle learning and experience.

Saturday 26th January 2019

Heaven on Earth
9:00 am - Kapiti Coast - presented by Internationally noted author and channel for Tabaash, Blair Styra
Two days ~ Nine facilitators ~ One Total Transformation!

Sunday 27th January 2019

Gong Bath
5:00 pm - Wellington City - presented by Howard Davis
The gong produces a whole spectrum of harmonics that are based on pressure waves of sound, which vibrate the energy meridians in the body and bring them into balance.

Saturday 2nd February 2019

HeartSong Voice Sound Healing 2019 Masterclass
10:00 am - Auckland - presented by Caroline Beazley
Cultivate your Sacred Voice Healing Presence through this series of weekend modules. Ideal if you feel called to use your Voice in Service or for Health Practitioners to expand what they offer.

Sunday 3rd February 2019

1ST Chakra Workshop & Micro Gong Bath
5:00 pm - Wellington City - presented by Howard Davis
Learn about 1st chakra issues of fear, security, and survival, practice a Kundalini Yoga set designed to open the pelvis and release tension in the lower body, and conclude with a micro Gong Bath.

Thursday 7th February 2019

Chakra Meditation, Toning, and Chakra Sound Bath
7:00 pm - Wellington City - presented by schamet Horsfield
Chakra meditation, seed sound toning, and Chakra Sound Bath

Friday 8th February 2019

3 day Sound Yoga Retreat & Bhakti Celebration
10:00 am - Nelson Bays - presented by Swami Karma Karuna, Prosad & Lis Martinac
3 uplifting days of yoga, sound meditation, music, creativity, percussion and self-love workshops along with kirtan chanting in beautiful Golden Bay.

Saturday 9th February 2019

Cihuameztli — Sacred Moon Women Circle Spiritual Ceremony
7:00 pm - Wellington City - presented by Andria Pablo/ Karina Lopez/ Dr David Weller
Cihuameztli, the Sacred Moon Women Circle Spiritual Ceremony, opens a sacred space for women to reflect, remember their Goddess power, heal and embrace each other.

Monday 18th February 2019

Explore Your 'Self' Yoga Retreat (Feb)
5:00 pm - Nelson Bays - presented by Anahata Swamis & Residents
Begin your yogic journey and become immersed in the beauty and simplicity of a yogic lifestyle on our signature retreat.

Sunday 24th February 2019

Shamanic Divination and Nature Spirits Workshop
9:30 am - Wellington City - presented by Presented by Pauline Wilson Shamanic Practitioner and Homeopath
Shamanic perceiving opens one up to a universe of signs and symbols, listen up and enjoy nature’s messages in synchronicity and wisdom.

Saturday 2nd March 2019

Ascending Hearts in Nelson
10:00 am - Nelson Bays - presented by Annwyn Hanham - Mentor/Sound-Healer/Author
Embodied Ascension and Healing Technique. Full day with all food vegetarian provided. Please see video below.

Friday 15th March 2019

Power of Awareness Silent Meditation Retreat
10:00 am - Nelson Bays - presented by Swami Anandakumar & Swami Karma Karuna
Travel to your own centre, to find the stillness within and discover that your own inner nature is unchanging with Swami Anandakumar, renowned international meditation teacher
Become a Holistic Practitioner: EssenSky Healing Therapy Course
12:00 pm - Auckland - presented by Julie
12 Online Modules and 5 Day Retreat Have you ever dreamed of becoming the person you are meant to be, doing what you love and that has meaning while transforming the lives of others!

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