Soul Empowerment Workshop - Soul Channel

Presented by Angela Rinaldi - Soul Coach/Channeler/Healer
Soul Channel - Communicate Directly To Your Soul

When:Sunday 24th September 2017 at 11:00 am
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:2 hrs
Cost: $70

To understand souls, we must begin to uncover their personality and appreciate their true beauty.  Each soul has a unique identity that is shaped by colour, light and electromagnetic vibration.  When we are in " Souls Consciousness" and live soul awareness, we break through the illusions of the five senses and know true self worth.  As a result we discover our " true self power".
This power gives beauty, peace, joy, inspiration, and harmony to each and every moment of your life. 
This workshop will allow you to feel your soul within your body, speak directly to your soul and have a conversation with your soul to share words of encouragement with you on a much deeper level to why you have come to this earth.  Your life mission and see how your soul appears to you.
Connecting with your soul is a very powerful experience, where you will understand and feel great spiritual love that is very different to what we feel on the physical plane.

All bookings will be allocated on first booked/paid basis and must be fully paid before workshop begins.  There is a registration form that will explain more with banking details when bookings are made, that need to be signed and returned to the emails down below before workshops begin.

Russell Keown House ( opposite Rebel Sports ) Cnr Queens Drive & Knights Road - Lower Hutt - Wellington

Contact details:
Contact Number: 022 4139369

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