Soulful Sisterhood Bootcamp/Retreat

Presented by Lisa Conroy and Corrina Shilling
A 12 week Soulful Bootcamp, starting with an inspiring workshop, 2 x weekly sessions, coaching, mindfulness, and inspiration towards a group challenge completed over a delicious weekend away together

When:Sunday 3rd September 2017 at 10:00 am
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:4 hours
Cost: Intro workshop included in Bootcamp fee refer to website below for associated costs

Our twelve week programme is dedicated to only 8 Soulful Goddesses at a time!

This allows us to really zone in on nurturing your needs and wellbeing in a proactive, healing and inspiring way.

You will need to commit for the 12 week programme, if you miss a week there are no refunds because we are dedicating this time to the group and expect you to be there.  The programme will also involve you attending the introduction workshop and wellness challenge/Retreat weekend at the end of the 3 months.

Our challenge is to work towards building the fitness to do the Putangirua Pinnacles walk in the Cape Palliser, Wairarapa region together on our Wellness Retreat weekend.  Information on this walk can be found here

When will the Soulful Sisterhood Bootcamp be held?

Our bootcamp will start on the 1st week of September and our Introduction Workshop will be on Sunday 3 September.  Here we will decide on the best two days to suit the group.
The wellness challenge and retreat weekend will be the 24-26 November in the Wairarapa
As an example we may do: 2 weekly training sessions that will include one morning session from 6.00am-7.00am, with the option to have breakfast together afterwards at a local cafe and one evening session from 6.00-7.00pm.  However as a group we will decide on the best days and times that suit the majority – with some flexibility around this.
Locations to be advised on the Sunday each week in our weekly inspirational info pack.

Where will it take place:

The Bootcamp sessions will be held in the Eastern Suburbs – Wellington
The venue may range from a park, beach, forest area – all will be confirmed prior
The Introduction Workshop will be held in a beautiful house/garden in Brooklyn
The Challenge walk will be the Putangirua Pinnacles walk in the Cape Palliser, Wairarapa region
Our Retreat will be held at Ngaipu Station Farm, just out of Martinborough in the Wairarapa (2 nights – Fri 24th/Sat 25th Nov – head home 26th)
Our 12 week Soulfood Sisterhood Bootcamp will cost:

$33 per week x 12 weeks = $396
NOTE: This can be paid in full or a deposit of $100 on registration is required to commit to the programme, with the balance of $296 to be set up as 12 automatic payments of $24.66 per week

This will also include an introductory visionary workshop from 10am-2pm (including a goodie bag, creating a personal vision board for your journey, defining your intention, nutritional guidance, tips for the programme, getting to know your other soulsisters and explaining your personal wellbeing plan combined with a nutricious lunch)

Please allow $250 for the Wellness Retreat weekend (2 nights includes accommodation, food, transport, organised walk, activities and resources).  One lucky Soulsister will win her retreat costs through our challenges over the duration of the programme.

The $250 is to be paid one month prior to the retreat (by 24 October)

What is involved?

There will be a soulful application form to complete that helps us understand your needs and to find out if we are going to be a good fit for each other

On acceptance of your application, we will require a deposit of $100 to show us you are committed.  At this stage you can either pay the balance in full or set up a weekly automatic payment as outlined above.

Attending our Intro Visionary Workshop on Sunday 3 Sept – 10am-2pm

Attending 2 x weekly Soulful Bootcamp sessions over 12 weeks

Completing weekly inspiration chart, coaching exercises and being willing to share your wins/challenges with the group

Attending optional challenges – there will be a chance to earn extra points which will give one person the opportunity to have their Wellness Retreat paid for.

Being involved in the dedicated online support group

Attending the Wellness Group Challenge Walk and Retreat Weekend 24-26 November
Inspirational photos will be taken to follow your journey

What will I get from attending the Soulful Sisterhood Bootcamp?

Connection with other Soulful Sisters who are also on a personal journey of wellness and empowerment

Full support face to face and online throughout the 12 weeks and a follow up dinner/catch up post retreat

Increased fitness levels, energy and enjoyment

Direction on eating healthy nutritious and energising meals

Guidance towards your lifestyle and fitness goals and dreams

A chance to be outdoors and embracing nature weekly

Satisfaction of working as a group and achieving a goal together

A rewarding experience to complete the challenge walk and enjoy a weekend of fun, laughter, wellness and soulfood

A chance to overcome your fears, heal some blocks and fuel positive energy into transforming your life into a healthy and fulfilling direction.

Create time and space for some mindfulness, while making a soulful mind and body connection to have you thriving

What is expected from you?

Committment to attend everything mentioned above

An open and willing attitude

To be supportive of all group members journeys and to respect each others privacy

To show your authentic self and shine your true light

Show yourself self-love, compassion and kindness

Take responsibility for your own journey – be on time, stick with the programme and be willing to change your mindset/beliefs for improvement

This bootcamp is aimed for people at a beginners level of fitness or for someone who hasn't done fitness for a while and would like to increase this in a soulful group environment.

For all details and to book your soulful spot go to

Hope to see you there Soulsister!

Lisa Conroy and Corrina Shilling
Your Soulful Wellness Guides

Intro visionary workshop - house in Brooklyn (address confirmed on registration).  Bootcamp sessions will be held at various locations around the Eastern Suburbs and retreat will be held at Ngaipu Station Farm, just out of Martinborough in the Wairarapa (2 nights – Fri 24th/Sat 25th Nov – head home 26th)

Contact details:
All details and enquiries can be through the contact page on the dedicated website

Alternatively contact:

Lisa Conroy
Box of Chocolates
027 5269224

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