Yogic Life Skills Retreat Jun/Jul 2018

Presented by Anahata Swamis & Residents
The Yogic Life Skills retreat offers a 4 week easy-entry path in to a more conscious lifestyle beginning with the 7 day Explore Your ‘Self’ Retreat

When:Monday 11th June 2018 at 5:00 pm
Where:Nelson, Nelson Bays (see below for the venue address)
Duration:Ends 11am Sun 8th July
Investment: Payment is for 27 nights Full Price: NZ$1445 Camping: NZ$1175

Looking to immerse yourself in a healthier, more conscious environment while gaining skills?

Do you need opportunities for reflection, to connect with a simpler way of living and a break from the modern lifestyle?
Are you looking for self-development and growth?
Then this 4 week training program will help you immensely.

This 4-week program offers:

the Explore Your Self 7 day introductory retreat makes up the first week
the following 3 weeks allow you to immerse yourself in an inspiring yogic lifestyle
the chance to be part of a community living a life of simplicity, mindfulness and service to support the growth and well-being of all
supported introduction to new areas of growth, responsibility and learning in a supported and accepting environment
3 healthy vegetarian meals per day, with brunch and dinner on Sundays
participation in our regular daily schedule of programs including: Hatha Yoga (4 days per week), Mantra Yoga (chanting), Meditations, Yoga Nidra relaxation, and Karma Yoga (yoga of action and selfless service)

Mentorship and life skills development in areas such as:

healthy cooking and kitchen management
organic gardening and landscape design
management experience
maintenance and eco building
admin and office assistance
caring for a small retreat centre

The first week, our introductory Explore Your Self retreat, offers an introduction to an ongoing yogic lifestyle.  Experience bringing together different yoga and meditation practices for an enhanced level of understanding.  Receive a broad range of tools to take away with you in order to start supporting yourself through the hustle and bustle of life.  And it leads beautifully in to the following 3 weeks of the Yogic Life Skills retreat, where you will cultivate these skills further.

This extended retreat is an opportunity for self-discovery and development in a supportive environment surrounded by some of the most stunning nature NZ has to offer.  No previous yoga experience necessary – everybody is welcome!

For Full Retreat details, please visit our website listing: https://www.anahata-retreat.org.nz/event/yogic-life-skills-jun18

Anahata Yoga Retreat
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Ph: 03 525 9887

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