Creating Change New Year Retreat

Presented by Swami Karma Karuna & Anahata Teachers
Prepare the foundation and plant a seed for the New Year with practical tools of Yoga and Meditation.

When:Sunday 29th December 2019 at 5:00 pm
Where:Nelson, Nelson Bays (see below for the venue address)
Duration:Ends 11am Thurs 2nd Jan
Investment: Investment* Standard Price: NZ$ 645 Camping price: NZ$ 605.  Early Bird Available

Prepare the foundation and plant a seed for the New Year with practical tools of Yoga and Meditation.  Invite positive change into your life learning how to progressively nurture your resolutions to grow, flower and bear fruit.

Welcome the New Year in an inspiring yoga environment to relax, reflect and reconnect with yourself and nature.  Discover your innate resolutions inviting positive change and direction into your life.

Anahata Yoga Retreat provides a supportive yogic environment allowing you the opportunity for clarity, transformation and identifying with the deeper aspects of your personality.  Set your New Year’s positive resolution into motion utilizing SWAN theory (exploring strengths, weaknesses, aims and needs) and use powerful yogic techniques such as sankalpa (intentions), Havan (ancient fire ceremony), yoga classes, meditation and deep relaxation practices to create practical change, affirmation and direction within your life.

If you are interested in attending the New Year Celebrations only – visit our New Year’s Eve Celebration event.

The Retreat Programme Includes

4 nights, shared accommodation (unless camping), all meals and the full retreat programme.

Daily Hatha Yoga classes
Guided Sitting & Walking Meditations
Small Group Discussions
Practical tools to help understand your mind & personality
Planting seeds for positive transformation
Time for reflection and reconnection
Daily Chanting (healing sound vibration)
Kirtan (singing mantras to music)
Daily Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
Fire Ceremony (Havan) to connect to nature

For more details including Early Bird Pricing:

Anahata Yoga Retreat
727 Bird Road
Golden Bay

Contact details:
Ph: 03 525 9887

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