Shamanic Dream Workshop

Presented by Pauline Wilson Shamanic Practitioner and Homeopath
An experiential workshop using shamanic journeying techniques to communicate with your individual dream symbols, identifying their essential message to bring their creative energy into consciousness.

When:Sunday 19th May 2019 at 9:30 am
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:9.30am - 3.30pm
Cost: $130 – Early bird rate $110 if paid by April 19th

For those who are prolific dreamers or for those who wish to dream more...spend the day exploring the elusive language of dreams.  Shamanic journeying following the heartbeat of the drum will take you to the Lower World for a power animal retrieval, the Upper World for guidance and the Middle World for dream re-entry.  Raise your spirits and spend the day learning new ways to access your deeper sources of inner wisdom.

Dreams guide us to re-connect with soul, to confront illness and heal, to transform our demons into allies and bring our shadows into the light of day.  Step aside from the ego's agenda and listen to the deeper nudgings of psyche or soul.  Shamanic journeying to the dream source empowers the dreamer to be their own shaman - to bring back the dream’s message, to find an answer or decide on an appropriate course of action. 

Bring your dreams to explore - recurring themes, nightmares, ‘big’ dreams or fragments - even a remembered colour is available as a doorway to the dream realms. 

The Shamanic Dream Workshop is a pre-requisite for the deeper healing work of the Soul Retrieval Workshop June 9th 2019.  For more information please view at:

31 Hobson Crescent, Thorndon.  Parking next door at Thorndon School.

Contact details:
To register, please contact Pauline Wilson
027 712 7128 or at

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