The Global Heart Awakens: Awakening Consciousness with Anodea Judith

Presented by Anodea Judith
Humanity's Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love.  If you care about this world, want to find hope, and dare
to ask deeper questions...

When:Friday 15th November 2019 at 7:00 pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Investment: $35

I had the absolute honor of attending one of Anodeas discourses in the United States last year and was completely blown away by her absolute wealth of knowledge.  She maps the chakra system onto time, history, and political/spiritual ideals...I can tell you it completely transformed my perception.  It was like all the pieces of everything I had believed all fit together and I left with soooo much hope that I am already making a difference in making this a better world!

If you care about this world, want to find hope, and dare
to ask deeper questions...  Join us to learn how a heart
centered civilization is an evolutionary stage that awaits us. 

Will we survive into the next age? 
If so what will that look like, and what will it take to get there? 
Through an artful weaving of myth, history, science, and psychology, Judith will speak with us about how humanity has been moving steadily toward the understanding of the heart.  With the advent personal freedom and the network based information field of the Internet, through the spiritual revolution that awakens the inner world and the advances in science that furthers the outer world, we now have the necessary tools to embrace the next
organizing principle for human civilization.  It is Anodeas belief that we are the microcosm of the macrocosm and when we heal, we heal the world.  Join us for an enlightening evening discourse with Anodea Judith.  If you want hope, inspiration, connection, and answers about how you can help awaken consciousness then don’t miss this incredible evening.

Booking is essential:
Investment in YOU is only $35
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Here is what people are saying:

“Waking the Global Heart has been written for our day
in history.  When you put this book down, you will see
that a heart-centered civilization is an evolutionary
stage that awaits us.”
James O’Dea, President
Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Read this book and help save our world.”
Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief

“Masterfully weaves together underworld journeys,
sacred initiations, Eros, Earth Mother, Sky Gods, sexual
repression, the rebel Jesus, the Hero’s return, and more.
I love this book and highly recommend it.”
David Korten The Great Turning

“She sets our potential for transformation in this evolutionary, historical context and really opens the doors
of possibility wide.  It’s a beautiful piece of work.”
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Conscious Evolution

A sweeping thesis of cultural evolution from our collective infancy to
our emerging
adulthood .  .  .
Nautilus Book
Award Winner
for Social Change/Current
Independent Publishers
Award Winner
for Mind, Body & Spirit

Investment: ONLY NZD $35
Booking Essential:

Beach House and Kiosk 410 The Esplanade, Island Bay, Wellington

Contact details:
Schamet Horsfield at Diamond in the Bay Yoga 0275182476

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