Deep Dive - Cacao Spirit Retreat

Presented by Experienced cacao practitioners Radha Iveta and Juri Hanus
The first Cacao retreat in Aotearoa!

When:Thursday 10th December 2020 at 5:00 pm
Where:Kapiti Coast, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Duration:4 days
Cost: $650 Early bird before the 20th October, $700 regular price

Have you felt the longing to stay in the energy created at a cacao ceremony for longer?
Have you always wanted to experience various ceremonies in a short period of time?
Or may be you've never tried Cacao, but she is calling you to dive right in?

This is the first retreat in Aotearoa focused only on working with Cacao as a sacred medicinal plant.
Cacao ceremonies have gained popularity for their power to connect people with themselves and with community.
In this Deep Dive retreat you will experience a chance to play and heal with Cacao, facilitated by two experienced practitioners with different style and approach to the work.

Complimentary practices will include meditation, yoga, yoga nidra, breath work, Trance Dance Ritual, Sweat lodge, singing circle, drumming circle, free movement exploration, work with the elements and the directions, journalling and more

3 full days to unplug and focus on yourself, on open your heart and experience a sense of freedom
Days spent in community and ritual, immersed in the sacredness of Life.  We will hold multiple ceremonies, 1 or 2 per day and will have time in between to journal, contemplate, process and integrate the teachings of Cacao

~ Cacao ~
Cacao is a master plant from the lands of Central America which has been used for millennia to heal and nourish.
Cacao is an aphrodisiac, mood enhancer, and antioxidant that protects the heart and is densely packed with nutrients - proven to be the most pharmacologically complex food in nature!  It can improve your memory, reduce heart disease, shed fat, boost immunity, and create loads of energy.
Cacao contains the neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of wellbeing, as well as anandamide, known as the bliss molecule that leaves us feeling blissful and euphoric, moderating pain perception, as well as assisting in regulating appetite and mood.
When high quality beans are prepared for ceremony, all the mood enhancing neurochemicals in cacao become particularly active.  It increases blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart and skin, and the whole body is nourished.
Sacred Cacao ceremony participants report heightened awareness, focus and intensified sensations.  Cacao healing for the body, but also for the soul and spirit as it is heart opening and an amazing meditation aid.

~ Sweat Lodge ~
Sweat lodges are heated dome-shaped structures used during certain purification rites and as a way to promote healthy living.  The intense heat generated by steam created from pouring water onto heated rocks is meant to encourage a sweating out of toxins and negative energy that create disorder and imbalance in life.  In this way, the sweat lodge ceremony cleanses the body, mind and soul.  Sweat lodge is located next to the beautiful Otaki river which invites for nice refreshing dip into cold mountain river after the sweat.

~ Trance Dance Ritual ~
Trance Dance Ritual technique is about exploration of true self within, using blindfold in non-interrupted ecstatic dance/free body movement session.  Together with powerful ceremonial cacao brew and breathing techniques, those are stimulating a 'trance' state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being.  Trance Dance Ritual was created by Frank Natale and Wilber Alix who drew inspiration from shamanistic rites of indigenous tribes

$650 early bird price with all bookings before the 20th October
$700 regular price
Payment plans avaivalbe
Half of the total is required upon booking (includes tax and $50 admin fee)

Price includes 3 vegan nutritious meals per day and 3 nights accommodation in a gorgeous retreat venue, all activities and all ceremonies with 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao

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Radha Iveta
Radha was among the first people to bring cacao ceremonies to New Zealand.  She encountered the cacao plant in ceremonial context in 2012 while living in its native lands of Central America for several years.  It was love at first sight and her relationship with the spirit of this super food grew as she learned how to prepare the rich cacao drink from the tree to the cup.  Having participated in various ceremonies facilitated by shamans, healers or friends in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, Radha started facilitating ceremonies herself in 2014 in Europe.  An experienced space holder being a yoga teacher and a retreat facilitator, she loves sharing her passion for community, authenticity and self-knowledge in combination with the cacao spirit.  Radha serves only best quality ceremonial cacao by chocolate shaman Keith Wilson.

Jiri Hanus
Passionate for exploration of non-ordinary state of consciousness, through ancient practices, rituals and healing modalities.  Jiri is an IAKP Kambo practitioner, certified Trance Dance facilitator and studies holotropic breathwork with Stan Grof in GTT.  Jiri is holding monthly ceremonies with Sacred Cacao & Trance Dance for last 4 years in Aotearoa, and is dedicated to hold a safe and creative space for people to bring their true self to connect to and explore.  Jiri did lots of rituals in Czech republic including Sweat lodge, Firewalking and had undertake expeditions to Amazon to learn from Master curanderos and healers to deepen his practice.

Gorgeous river side lodge and group accommodation in Otaki Gorge, near Wellington.  The peaceful, fully private, retreat centre includes a lodge, a yurt, huts and cabins, large garden area, extensive woodlands and access to the gorgeous Otaki River.
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