Adding a new event (and it's free)

It's really easy to list a new event here.  But first, please take a moment to take note of the following considerations:

    Confirmation of event details

    Please ensure that dates, venues and other details are fully confirmed before submitting events to the website.

    Permission from the organisers

    If you are not one of the event organisers, if at all possible, please ensure you have the permission and cooperation of the organisers to promote their event.  This helps maintain the accuracy of the information presented to the public.

Note - this service is currently only operating in the Wellington region, so if you are submitting events which are further away, they should ideally be events that you feel people from the Wellington region might be interested in travelling to.

    For normal events which start and finish on set dates, for example:
      • A public talk
      • A weekend workshop
      • A multi-week course
      • A mind/body/spirit festival
      • etc

    For events which are held on an ongoing basis (each week, each month etc) - where people can turn up casually. For example:
      • Weekly meditation evenings
      • Weekly group meetings
      • Monthly rituals
      • etc

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