The Vision

The vision for this website has always been for it to help connect spiritual people with each other in the best possible way.  For it to be a place where people interested in spirituality can find out about all the different things going on in their area - and also where people who are organising a spiritual event can easily let as many people know about it as possible.


The idea for this website came a few months after returning from India.  The spiritual singer Krishna Das had visited Wellington and to my surprise I hadn't heard a thing about it.  How could that be?  I knew various people around town, but that obviously wasn't enough.  There just didn't seem to be a simple way for people to hear about all the spiritual things happening in any given city.

So there and then I decided that perhaps I could put my web-development skills together with this idea and it could provide a wonderful service people in Wellington and even further afield.

How does it pay for itself?

Fortunately web hosting is very cheap these days (no matter what you've heard) and since I can do all the development and technical work, there are no other costs to cover, which is quite a blessing.  The main reward really is to be part of a concept that really has huge potential - especially when you think of all the cities and towns in the world where spiritual people could be connected together.

You can help!

You can definitely help with this great project to connect spiritual and high-minded people together.  If you know people who hold events or are in spiritual groups, please let them know that they can list their events here.  (And it's so easy to do too.)  Also you can tell others about this website so we can connect more and more people.  And if you feel The Spirit Guide could work better in some way or you have any general suggestions, do get in touch as feedback is always appreciated. 

With best wishes to you on your journey,
Richard Holmes
(04) 934-5969