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Presented by The Wellington Transmission Meditation group
Do you want to help the world and build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature?  Transmission Meditation is the simplest way to do both, at the same time.

When:Every Thursday and Sunday at 7pm in Wellington
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Cost: Free


Do you want to help the world and build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature?  Transmission Meditation is the simplest way to do both, at the same time. 

Transmission Meditation is both a world service (Karma yoga) and the most potent technique of personal development (Laya yoga) available today.  This meditation is a virtual 'hot house' for the spiritual growth of those who participate on a consistent basis.  It provides a vehicle for service affecting the entire evolution of humanity for the better. 

As people make contact with that higher aspect of themselves ?  the Soul ?  they begin to feel the need to be of service to others.  This inclination to serve brings them into contact with people and circumstances where this Soul purpose can be put to practical use.

Thousands of people around the world are joining together to aid in the work of transmitting these powerful spiritual energies for the benefit of humanity and the construction of a new world based on Unity, Sharing and Justice. 

Service is most potent when performed in group formation.  As this relates to meditation, it is known that far greater energy can be handled by groups than by individuals meditating alone.  Thus, Transmission Meditation offers a unique opportunity to serve humanity, working with others, right where you are. 

There are more than 600 Transmission groups in 40 countries worldwide meeting on a regular basis.  Their combined efforts since 1974, is creating a 'Network of Light' around the planet.  You may join an existing group in your area, or form your own group by simply inviting a few interested friends to meet with you at least once a week.  All you need is the intention to do so and the desire to serve.  There is never any fee to participate.  A group may begin with as few as three people.  Once a routine is established it often becomes a special and important point of focus in each individual's life. 

Transmission Meditation is safe, scientific, non-denominational, and extremely potent.  It will not interfere with any other religious or spiritual practice.  In fact it will enhance your personal meditation and any other service activities in which you may be engaged.

Many people find they can experience and demonstrate love more easily.  Others report that their mind is more stimulated and creative.  Some people receive healing, spontaneously, during the transmissions.


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Trinity Union Church
11 Hall Avenue (off Hall Street)

Instructions for the Trinity Union Church venue:
Pedestrian and car access through Hall Avenue, just up the road from Pita Pit, across the road from Newtown School, next block down from Wellington Hospital going south.  Look up Hall Street and you'll see "Hall Avenue" clearly marked with a white signpost.  The church is located in a back section of Hall Avenue.  Plenty of free car parks at the church.  If you're catching a bus from the city, get off at the Wellington Hospital bus stop and walk to Hall Street - Hall Avenue is off that.  Here is a google map,+Newtown,+Wellington,+nz

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