Sunday Assembly of Good Everywhere (SAGE)

Presented by and Hosted by Spirit Matters and Sophia Tara
Sunday Assembly of Good Everywhere (SAGE) meets on the last Sunday each month to hear great talks, sing songs with Ukuleles in Church.  Celebrate the Art of Living in community & like-spirited people

When:Sunday 28 July and Last Sunday of each month from 1pm until 3pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Entry fee: $5 for venue and refreshments

Calling all Free Creative Spirits and Explorers of Life:
join together in the Spirit of Peace, Goodwill and fellowship to share our stories, passions, hopes and aspirations on our journey home - because Spirit Matters everywhere.  Come and celebrate the Art of Living in community with like-spirited people.

Sunday Assembly of Good Everywhere (SAGE Sundays):
meets on the last Sunday of every month at the Trinity Union Church to hear great talks, sing songs with Ukuleles in Church, ponder, wonder and celebrate the Art of Living in community.  Come on down to hear inspirational speakers (it could be you) share your stories, join in the group singing and enjoy an afternoon of mingling with like-spirited people.

We offer an inclusive space to share and connect:
with all free spirits, explorers of Life, cultural creatives, spiritual teachers, workshop and course facilitators, meditators, healers, psychics, shamans, psychologists, scientists, IT geeks, storytellers, artists, musicians, dancers, indigenous voices, ecologists, multi-ethnic cooks and raw foodies, entrepreneurs, social change & spiritual activists, conscious members of the general public and all those who hope to create positive, caring and compassionate communities who love Planet Earth.

Bring your business cards, flyers, brochures:
information to spread your work for good.  Share your wisdom, offer your skills, build community, creative education, and service outreach.  This coming together allows for fellowship, involvement, and support for individuals, families and strengthens our communities.  Families with children are most welcome to attend. 

Unity In Diversity:
we welcome everyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, faith, creed, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic class, or any other human condition.  We are creating a regular space where people can come to experience their connection to one another in the Spirit of Peace, Goodwill and Harmony through Sunday Assembly of Good Everywhere (SAGE Sundays). 

Come share your stories and your passions:
Bring your ukuleles, guitars, mandolins, flutes, tambourines, Irish drums etc to play and sing together.  We create our own church choir.  Ukulele song charts and chords provided.  Uke & Spread the Love :)

Cuppa tea and biscuits while you mingle and chat after the service. 

$5 Entry Fee to help with cost of venue and refreshments - free entry for children.  THANKS :)

Ka wahaia te kotahitanga o te Wairua! 
Continue to pursue the unity of Spirit!

Trinity Union Church
Hall Avenue (off Hall Street)

Instructions to get to the Trinity Union Church venue:
Pedestrian and car access through Hall Avenue, just up the road from Pita Pit, across the road from Newtown School, next block down from Wellington Hospital going south.  You'll see "Hall Avenue" clearly marked on your right with a white signpost.  Plenty of free parks at the church.  If you're catching a bus from the city, get off at the Wellington Hospital bus stop and walk to Hall Street - Hall Avenue is off that.  Here is a google map,+Newtown,+Wellington,+nz

Contact details:
Sophia Tara
Ph/Fax: (04) 3800 327

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