Beginners' Guide to the Cosmos

Presented by Richard Hall and Kay Leather
Starting the 16th September the (astronomical) basics this six week astronomy course builds week by week to provide a comprehensive survey of our present knowledge of the Universe.

When:Each Monday for 6 weeks from 16th September, at 7:30pm.
Where:Wairarapa, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Cost: $90 for complete course, or $20 per evening

There are two presentations each evening which will include some of the latest images from space probes and telescopes.  No prior astronomical knoweldge is assumed.  Each presentation is approx 50min long and there is a coffee/tea break between presentations.

Week 1: 16 September: The cosmic Ocean & The Empire of the Sun

Week 2: 23 September.  Pale Blue Dot & The Martain Chronicles

Week 3: 30 September.  Realm of the Giants & The Stellar Zoo

Week 4: 7 October.  Supernovae & The Trapezium

Week 5: 14 October.  Extra-terrestrials & Olber's Paradox

Week 6: 21 October.  Space-Time & The Edge of Forever

Masonic Lodge, Carterton (opposite the Carterton Events Centre)

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