Prenatal Yoga

Presented by Yoga in Daily Life
This class will improve your fitness and facilitate labour. 
You will learn to access deep resources of energy, through relaxation, postures and breathing techniques.

When:Every Saturday from 12noon until 1.15pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Cost: Casual class $18

You will experience immense benefits of yoga practice during pregnancy with an experienced prenatal yoga teacher.

Physical Benefits •Build strength, flexibility and balance
•Improve circulation, Reduce swelling, cramping and leg and foot pain,
Better sleep, Learn breath work to divert pain of labour, Hips and pelvic floor are prepared for a healthy birth, Help to keep your baby in an optimal birthing position, Prepare the body for an easy and speedy postnatal recovery, Reduce back pain and your changing posture, Build up endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, Decrease nausea, Decrease headaches and shortness of breath, Decrease the risk of preterm labour

Mental and Spiritual Benefits
•Build confidence in your pregnancy and with your body, Learn to appreciate every part of your growing baby and changing body, Relax the mental state dealing with change and anxiety, Learn meditation techniques to help de-stress, Become educated in a supportive, community environment in which to practice yoga and relaxation, Bond with your baby

Benefits for Your Baby
•Improve baby’s blood circulation, Improve oxygen flow to your baby, Lead baby into a proper birthing position and into a natural birth

Yoga in Daily Life
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Contact details:
phone: (04) 801 7012

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