Attention all Energy Workers and Spiritual Beings

Presented by Yvonne Segetin - Life Coach, Dream Work, Medium and Clairvoyant
All Energy Workers and Spiritual Beings, who do you talk to when you find things are out of balance and your trust in the power of the process is gone?  Be kind to yourself and ring me today.

When:Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm
Where:Johnsonville/Newlands, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Investment: TBA

To all Energy Workers and Spiritual Beings.

You are all passionate about the work you do and you do amazing work helping people in your chosen profession, core practices, beliefs and just being a vessel of light.

Who do you talk to when you find things are out of balance?  Who do you turn to when life doesn't make sense?  Not everyone has a friend or family member to talk to at all times, nor do they always feel comfortable doing so if they can.  Join me for a cup of tea and a chat.

There is and old saying that 'A mechanic often has the worse car or the builder has the house needing the most repairs"

We were spiritual before we became human and we then seek to live a spiritual life, and at times it is darn right hard to have the perfect balance.

Like you, I too was spiritual before being human, I face the same challenges as you, of having to maintain a healthy balance between being spiritual in the human world.  Which is why I trained as a Life Coach to help people in a very practical way, and boy do I completely understand the challenges spiritual beings face in our world today.

You know the power of the process, you are worth it.  So be kind to yourself and ring me today, to book a time for a cup of tea and a chat. 

Why start with a cup of tea?

7 Cups of Tea is actually the name of a famous Chinese poem.  Read more….  The suggestion is that each cup provides a different level of healing.  It’s important that we start our journey with a cup of tea and a chat.  It isn’t just a one-time meeting and deciding if we can work together.  It is the start of a conversation, which can change your life.

7 Cups of Tea, by Lu Tong (795 – 835 CE)
The first cup kisses away my thirst,
and my loneliness is quelled by the second.
The third gives insight worthy of ancient scrolls,
and the fourth exiles my troubles.
My body becomes lighter with the fifth,
and the sixth sends word from immortals.
But the seventh—oh the seventh cup—
if I drink you, a wind will hurry my wings
toward the sacred island.
Translated by Christopher Nelson

Sub Urban Co-Working Space
Johnsonville Shopping Centre (Next to Banks Shoes)
By apt only

Contact details:
Yvonne Segetin
Cell phone 021 0848 7200

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