Experiential Meditations for Health, Success, Fulfilment & Bliss

Presented by Ma DevaVedanta & Gautama
Powerful Experiential Meditation sessions, encompassing Breathing techniques, Mantra/ sound, Visualisation – leading to Silence and Gratitude.

When:Wednesdays; from 6.45pm - 8pm (1 hour 15 mins) - RSVP essential

*** We will announce when this becomes a regular, weekly event***
Where:Johnsonville/Newlands, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Investment: Koha/ Donations gratefully accepted

We warmly invite you to join us for powerful Experiential Meditation sessions, encompassing Breathing techniques, Mantra/ sound, Visualisation – leading to Silence and Gratitude.

In each session, we will learn & discuss various dimensions of Enlightenment Sciences from the Vedic Tradition:

• Sacred, ancient truths about the Mind, Body & Self/ Spirit/ Consciousness

• About Thoughts and how the Mind works – how to let go and enjoy the present moment

• How Emotions play an important role in our lives

• What we’re made of: Layers of Energy & Consciousness (Chakras & Koshas)

• Deeper truths on Enlightenment

• Understanding a bit about the space of Enlightened Masters

…and much more. 

Spiritual healing sessions are available at no cost after the session.

Sessions are open to all; the more the merrier :-) feel free to ask any questions too.

RSVP is essential - please inform us before coming, by RSVP here or by calling/ text/ email.

Koha/ donations gratefully accepted. 

Personal & group sessions are available, please enquire.

For further information about classes & sessions that we offer,
please email us on: lifeblissnz.wellington@gmail.com
or call us on: 021 1393801/ 027 2313462.

Web: www.nithyananda.org.nz

All teachings are based on the guidance of Living Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda & Vedic enlightenment sciences of manifesting our reality; our highest potential.  Contact us to learn more about what the Vedic tradition offers.

Introduction to Nithya Dhyaan (Eternal Meditation)

What is the natural state of the mind?  It seems like the nature of the mind is to wander from one thought to the next!  The mind oscillates between thoughts from the past or the future, bringing with immense stress due to regrets from the past or anxiety about what the future is going to be!!

Man is born a blissful being, but loses this state rapidly due to various external factors that condition the mind and disrupt this true nature.  Bliss is the true nature of every being.  Enjoying the present moment to the fullest is our birth right.  There is an unconscious constant yearning to connect to this source of bliss that is hidden deep within us.  Layers of mental patterns and emotional disturbances act as barriers when we try to reach this ocean of bliss.  Connection to the ocean of bliss enables us enjoy immense creativity, energy, and intelligence available within each one of us.  We only need to present the opportunity to connect to our source of bliss and move inwards towards it.

The step by step process in this Meditation process removes an obstacle which then naturally allows the bliss energy to gush forth helping us relax and rejuvenate the body and mind.  Presenting an opportunity to move inwards towards our true nature is the first step in realizing and experiencing the ocean of joy within us.  A glimpse of this bliss can only help you move deeper and deeper helping you establish in it forever.  It’s just like diving—all we need to do is take the correct angle, and gravity does the rest.

Nithya Dhyaan is a completely revolutionary and scientific as it works from the core (with the body and breath) and allows us to move deeper and deeper into our inner most silence; a silence which is vibrant and alive.

Room 3 - Johnsonville Community Centre

Contact details:
Call 021 1393801 / 027 2313462 or
email: lifeblissnz.wellington@gmail.com

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