Early Morning Meditation every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Presented by Rosalind Jiko, Zen Peacemaker Minister, and a Zen monastic for 9 years
EASE and JOY of the MORNING!!  Meditation is about consciously opening to inquiry - making space in our busy thoughts and emotions for wider and deeper insights and relationships to reveal themselves.

When:Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:45am to 7:45am.
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Suggested donation: $10 to support the venue

EASE and JOY of the MORNING!!  If meditation just brought peace and relaxation into our busy lives then it is obsolete - we have so many great ways to do that.  There is wrapping ourselves in music, the first sip of a truly delicious espresso in the morning...!  The simple practice of meditation offers this and much more.  It is about consciously opening to inquiry - making space in our busy preoccupation with thought and emotion for wider and deeper insights and relationships to reveal themselves.  It is about discovering the whole world (including ourselves) as healing.  Who are you?  Where do you find yourself?  And from what basis do you take your next action?

MORNING MEDITATION BEFORE WORK offers support for the ongoing practice that awakens hearts and minds to clear awareness and caring action.

All meditation and contemplation practices, and none, are most welcome!  Introduction to authentic Zen meditation and guidance in Zen practice also available, as is confidential individual support in exploring your solutions to specific life problems through guided meditation.  Come join us!

Before your first visit, please contact me by email through Meetup for information on our easy-access Wellington central venue and parking spaces.  http://www.meetup.com/Great-Harbour-of-Tara-Zendo-Zen-Peacemakers-Wellington/events/226490731/ or phone (04) 889 0933.

Wear clothes comfortable for sitting.  Both floor cushions and chairs are available.

Wesley Rd at the top of Bolton Street, above the north (Beehive) end of The Terrace - details on contacting Jiko phone (04) 889 0933.

Contact details:
http://www.meetup.com/Great-Harbour-of-Tara-Zendo-Zen-Peacemakers-Wellington/events/226490731/ or phone (04) 889 0933

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