Lunch Time Crystal Sound Meditation

Presented by Annette Sanders
Crystal Sound Meditation will lead your mind and body into a space of deep inner calm.  Come and experience a powerful meditative, healing and tranquil sound space.

When:Every Wednesday 12.05pm to 12.45pm
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Entry fee: $15.00

It is in the moment of stillness between the thoughts that healing occurs.  It is in this place of stillness and acceptance that happiness lives.  If you have problems quieting your mind or sitting still for meditation then crystal sound meditation is perfect for you.  Like tuning an instrument to play in perfect pitch - crystal sound re-tunes ones being into stillness - that pure connection to creative source energy.  It's easy - you just come and lay down and let the pure sounds of the crystal carry you on a journey to peace.

Crystal Sound Meditation is healing in its purest form - pure frequency.  It bypasses the mind, old programming and limited fear based belief systems.  It is easy to let go of outdated habits,anxiety, stress and pain with regular crystal sound meditation.  Invest in your wellness in 2016 and come and experience relaxation in its purest form.  Any hey, who doesn't wanna lay down for half an hour in the middle of a work day!

Yoga for the People, 21-23 Andrews Ave, Lower Hutt (opposite riverbank)

Contact details:
022 6037-453 or email

Categories: Music, Meditation, Healing