Give Life a Dance this Winter with Wu Tao Dance

Presented by Wu Tao Dance Instructor and Relaxation Therapist , Tonia Kennedy
Ongoing Intermediate Class

When:Every Thursday from 6pm - 7pm
Where:Kapiti Coast, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Cost: $10 per class

This intermediate class is aimed for students who have previously done the 8 week beginners course, However if you are a fast learner - you will be able to pick up the dances and movements easily.

In the Intermediate class we will go further into the Wu Tao Journey, and add 2 new dances to the already learnt 5 dance sequence, plus enjoy some new relaxation meditations with the element meditations specifically written and composed to enable you to go deeper into the relaxation process.

Wu Tao – which means (the dancing way) - is a revolutionary approach to balance the bodies energy. 

Similar to doing Yoga, Shiatsu and Pilates together in dance form.  Wu Tao , not only enhances physical fitness, but also has strong healing and therapeutic effects for both adults and children.  Bringing the mind and body to a place of complete calmness.

Wu Tao, has its foundations in Oriental Medicine and has a holistic philosophy that restores balance on all levels: physically, mentally and spirituality.

The dances are easy to do, fun to learn, and the flowing movements gently increase body tone and flexibility and harmonizes energy flow in the body. 

Wu Tao can be learnt by anyone, and is easily adapted to individual needs including those with limited movement. 

Wu Tao Dance is internationally recognized by the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Societies, and all qualified teachers are members of IICT.

Mazengarb Sports Complex
Scaife Drive Paraparaumu

Contact details:
Tonia Kennedy
027 472 4727 or 04 298 3194

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