Christ's Way New Zealand - "A Masters Course" for modern "Followers of the Way"

Presented by Andrew Foster
We gather to an online Webinar with the purpose of meditating and reading from Christ's Letters dictated through the 'Recorder' with the purpose of ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

When:Every Sunday afternoon at 9:00am and 10:00pm
Where:Webinar, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Entry fee: N/A

In the year 2000AD Christ dictated a series of letters to the 'Recorder'.  He took the opportunity to speak directly to us through his letters to rectify the misinterpretations placed on his teachings given while known as ‘Jesus’ in Palestine, 2000 years ago.  They were put through one who, during the past forty years had been spiritually sensitive and dedicated enough to receive his words and act on them. 

They transcend all religious doctrines in the world

--These LETTERS will LIBERATE you.  "

They are for all people who are searching for meaning to existence, purpose in their lives, strength to face the daily struggle to live and endure hardship, sickness, despair, and inspiration for those who aspire to greater spiritual awareness in their daily lives.  You might say that these Letters are a MASTER’s COURSE for those who are ready to put foot to the path which Jesus travelled when on earth in Palestine.

Note: Reading the letters it really feels like Jesus himself is speaking directly to us and putting in modern day language exactly what happened when he was here on earth and exactly what he meant in his own words.

Currently the event occurs in an online webinar.  Please visit and click on the New Zealand Flag to begin.  I live just north of Otaki and commute to Porirua for work.  The Webinar is a good way for people to get together without having to travel miles in the comfort of their own home to study and meditate together.

Contact details:
Andrew Foster

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