Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation - Eastbourne

Presented by Annette Sanders
Crystal Bowl meditation is an ancient, sacred form of vibrational healing that gives your internal energy body a massage on a cellular level.

When:Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday from 7pm until 8pm
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Suggested donation: $10 Koha

Everything in the universe vibrates.  All the cells in your body vibrate.  Healthy vibratory rate is called 'resonance', when our body begins to vibrate out of resonance we call this 'dis'ease'.  Worry, fear and anxiety can all cause you to vibrate at a low frequency. 

So come and let the crystal bowls get your body back in tune so you can enjoy having optimum 'Life force' (Chi, Prana) don't have to do anything but lay on your mat and just 'be'.....  the bowls will lead you into a space of deep tranquility and a sense of inner calm where you will experience a powerful meditative healing.

Satori Retreat
36 Rimu Street
Eastbourne Village (next to the Library - same side as dairy)

Contact details:
Gail McJorrow

Categories: Meditation