Guided Meditation and Earth Energy Trends

Presented by Arniya Heartford of Wisdom Traders
This group is a mix of building a positive energy to rejuvenate, Support, learning and a Guided visualisation to improve ourselves and help the planet.

When:Every Monday at 7pm. This is a small group, so it runs if there are enough people. Please phone me to let me know you are wanting to come. 0211412690 or 5268225
The formatted part of the evening will finish by 9pm but tea and card readings after can go on for a while, if you want to.
Where:Upper Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Cost: $15-$20

This is normally a small group of under 10 people, It has become a very friendly and fun group.  This is suitable for the absolute beginner or more experienced people.  It is a lighter evening than our more intense classes, but will generate a positive energy lift in your life. 

We Start by creating a positive spiritual energy in the room as I use Celestial Energy Movement to create a safe and sacred space.  We light focus candles to hold the energy steady.  You are given time to write down anything you want to send positive energy to before I bring the energy in.  These issues will also be sent energy over the night. 
Then there will be a short talk about what energy is likely to be effecting you this week or anything new.  This can be a channeled talk or informal depending on the night and the questions people ask. 
As we do the visualisation, some people, will borrow some of my larger crystals to support their journey.  I can support you to know which ones to use, if you need me to. 
The visualisation will normally be for around 20mins. 
We then will have some time to talk about the meditation.  Often this will lead to a lesson in lift skills that the guardians want to share.  It is a discussion and questions are welcome. 
We finish our evening with an optional cup of tea and time to talk and play with the crystals and cards. 
Cost is $20 for casual attendance.  If you buy a card for four weeks of a month, then it is $15. 
Your first time with us will be $15 as my gift.

I am currently running meditation in my home.  On Bridge rd in Birchville.  Please ring first.

Contact details:
04 5268225

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