Zoom Nidra Yoga (lying down meditation, not yoga!); Yoga Nidra by Zoom

Presented by Ian and Alicia Melrose
Ancient Himalayan supine guided meditation, also called yogic sleep.  It is a spiritual path, also extremely helpful for relaxation and healing mento-emotional physical stress patterns

When:Mondays and Fridays from 8pm until 9.20; Wednesdays 8.30am until 9.50pm
Where:Lower Hutt, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Cost: Free

The body is completely relaxed, and meditators become increasingly aware of their inner world with guided instruction.  In this awake deep-sleep the body is able to repair damaged tissue, diseases, and release mento-emotional patterns.  We’ve found that this state is attained faster than meditation, where single minded concentration is required.  The goals of yoga nidra and meditation are peace, happiness and joy called samadhi, where there’s connection to everyone and everything.  Yoga Nidra enquires into the nature of everything and answers the question of who we are.

Also included are Joints & Glands Exercises, Q&A, Theory, Videos

Hi Ian, Thanks so much for the Yoga Nidra this morning.  It was a great start to the day and looking at emotions was just what I needed.  Incredibly helpful.  Carol x

Enjoying the YouTubes and Metta meditation.  Visualization has been interesting and I’m getting more out of this.  Yoga Nidra is excellent and am becoming much more centered and open to this and really look forward to seeing where this takes me.  I really appreciate you both doing these sessions for us all and the amount of time and energy you are giving to this.  The laughter yoga was a completely new concept and was fun.  I have really enjoyed the spiritual philosophy topics.  Thanks so much for these sessions.  I am getting so much from them, even the facial yoga, love, Gillian

I love the movement yoga beforehand ...it uplifts the whole experience.  I find with a lot of them I process things during the night or in sleep and the richness of the teachings bubble up the next morning.  It is such a beautiful gift you are offering.  I think everyone is deeply grateful and aware how much you are putting into this
So many thank you’s.  It's incredibly special.  x Marianne

I find that having several occasions to meet on a weekly basis, has encouraged me in my practice.  I meditate more often, sometimes several times a day, while I was often struggling to find 10 to 15 minutes daily before lock-down.  I can see subtle changes happening in my heart and try to be more mindful.  Thank you so much for allowing this beautiful space to exist.  I always get something from the video.  It is as if they arrive to answer a question when I need to see things differently.  I may not grasp it all, but it feeds me in some way.  Monique

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Ian Melrose
022 357 3589

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