Wellington Kirtan night

Presented by Wellington Kirtan
A yoga practice that involves singing mantras in a call and response manner

When:Third Saturday of every month. Awhi Yoga & Wellbeing studio. Level 2
15 Johnston Street
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Suggested donation: Donation for the Yoga in Prisons Trust

Kirtan is a complete practice within itself and requires no other sadhana.  Kirtan gives total relaxation and leads to the experience of higher consciousness.  The word kirtan is made up of two roots: ki and ratana.  Ratana means ‘jewels’, and ki is ‘key’.  Therefore, kirtan is the key to the inner jewels.  Kirtan is effective, whether sung internally without making any sound, or externally in a group.  Kirtan is a personal experience which is felt by the inner being.  No one can guess when you do kirtan in your heart.  It is the song of the soul.  Kirtan is highly therapeutic.  All kinds of diseases can be cured by its stimulating vibrations.  Kirtan is purely scientific and works wonders regardless of one’s faith and religion.  Kirtan is so effective and penetrating that words cannot express its significance.  It must be experienced to be understood.
All welcome.

Awhi Yoga & Wellbeing studio.  Level 2
15 Johnston Street

Contact details:
Adhyatma 021 0548756

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