The Awakening Series

Presented by Algernon Williams
Are you ready to transform your life?
Is it finally time to clear out the patterns keeping you from fully attracting your desired outcomes?
Then I'm very excited to invite you to our weekly class.

When:Every Tuesday 7.15 pm until 8.30pm
Where:Wellington City, Wellington (see below for the venue address)
Investment: $50per term, $10 drop in

The Awakening Series
Living the Ascended Life
Be the light
An abundant life filled with Love, Light and Laughter is very possible and is being offered to you at this time in our human evolution. 
During this tumultuous, yet transformational time on earth, we are nurturing the awakening of a new human consciousness in preparation for our entrance into an entirely new era of co-existence, co-operation & co-creation.  Because of this global process, some of us are being called in one way or another to awaken to more of our vast potential so that together we can co-create a new earth paradigm based in unity, empowerment and divine love.
* Can you feel how monumental this year is already?
* Are you ready for the knock-your-socks-off paradigm shifts that will forever transform your experience with? 
• money,
• relationships,
• healing,
• and following your purpose
* Is it finally time to clear out the out-dated patterns keeping you from fully attracting
your desired outcomes in all areas of your life?
If you are feeling a 'YES' to any of these questions, then I'm very excited to invite
you to a weekly meeting / class:

The Awakening Series

When: Tuesday evening 7.15 p.m.
Where:St Andrews on the Terrace
What you will receive: - Paradigm shifting insights & tools that will help you fill in the pieces of the puzzle to the way you attract a more desired experience

Led by Al Williams
For the past five years Al’s obsessive passion for a higher guiding truth has compelled him to research spiritual channels, scientific websites, conspiracy theories, Mayan calendar information and anything concerning 2012 and the ascension process. 
Part of his mission is to explore what is available to us and what we may experience during the Shift.  With mountains of opinions and information to sort through, combined with a speed up in time, it may be hard to discern what is true for you and where to start.  The Awakening Series may be of some assistance. 

Some of the topics that I have been shown to date include:
• Who we really are
• What is our journey and where are we on this journey at present? 
• What in fact is enlightenment? 
• Being in the moment
• Our new energy bodies
• Reality anchors
• Fractal time
• And there is so much more! 

The cost:
• $50 for a school term approximately 10 weeks
$10 drop in

This will include:
• The weekly meeting
• Access to web chat and myself during the week. 

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To learn more go to
Or email me at

St Andrew's on the Terrace
30 The Terrace, Wellington
Upstairs Confrence room 2

Contact details:
Algernon Williams
022 50 (awake) 29253
At Healium 499 0334

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